Monday, June 7, 2010

New Socks

This is the beautiful yarn, Lorna's Laces,  in a very nice sock weight.  The colors reminded me so much of Spring, in a 'pinkish' sort of way. 

The socks are  very generic, with no special design, since I wanted to focus on the colorway.  The colors distributed themselves nicely, but did tend to pool a bit in the heel area.  I don't think this distracted from how nice they turned out. I hope they fit my niece!

 I made crepes on Saturday.  Lingonberry crepes!  I had some really luscious Lingonberry jam in the fridge, and wanted to do something special, so I made some lingonberry butter.  My patience paid off, since I didn't eat the butter outright, but waited until lunch when the crepes were ready.....delicious.

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