Thursday, March 31, 2011

New on the Needles

My head is swimming with beautiful sock patterns, but which one?  I'll be using Cherry Tree Hill in this luscious Pink Strawberry color, of course.  How splendid!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Knitting Bag

My new bag for future knitting projects...very cute.

The bag was knit in two pieces, using scrap DK weight yarn.  These colors aren't necessarily "me", but why not knit outside the box, now and then?

I had a pretty piece of pink fabric (say that fast, 3 times) and decided to line the bag with something patterned and a wee bit funky.  The pattern, itself, can be found in Debbie Bliss's book, The Knitter's Year.

The lining was seamed separately, but the top portion was hand stitched to the knit...a little finicky, but not difficult.

The top four inside edges were left open, with a little running stitch to keep the lining from peeking out.

I found these cute pieces of bamboo at Michaels.  I'd have liked a lighter color, but the diameter of this richer shade of brown was just perfect.

The bag is very roomy, and I'm so delighted with the way it turned out, I'm already thinking of making another, perhaps in a solid color.  By the way, you might notice the knit sections don't match.  That only adds to the funkiness, right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amanda's Sweater - complete!

I'm really happy with the way Amanda's sweater came out.  It's luxuriously soft and the pattern worked lovely with the Dream In Color yarn.

This is meant to be a casual 'wear anywhere' type of sweater, because that's what Amanda wanted.  Something to throw over her shoulders before marketing or taking the kids to and from school or soccer practice.  It's being modeled here by Alexis, who is the same size as Amanda, and it looks great on both of them. 

The fit is very nice, and since Amanda chose the color herself, she's very happy that it can be worn with everything from jeans to nicer, dressier pants, or even over a little dress.  Please disregard the bits of yarn I neglected to trim...grrrr.

Details:  Pattern:  Whisk Cardigan, in the fall issue of Knitscene
             Yarn:  Dream In Color Classy - November Muse
             Needles:  Size 10, straight needles

Notes:  I wasn't getting gauge, but for fear that using even larger needles would make the sweater far too loose and 'holey', I opted for changing the size of the pattern to a medium.  When it was measured during blocking, it was a perfect size small.  If I were to make it again, I would even use smaller needles and use the large size pattern.  I don't know if this would work for every pattern, but it did for this one.

I changed the cuff of the sweater to a k1, p1 rib, and I made them more of a quarter length sleeve.  My model has them stretched toward her wrist, but it actually falls about 3 inches shorter. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stripes! Complete

My apprehension concerning striped socks has faded.  They came out great, and I'm so happy.  They will be a little gift for my eldest daughter who lives in Mississippi.  My youngest, Alexis, is my model, and although they're just a bit snug for her, they'll fit Anissa like a glove.

Note to self:  Next time I do stripes, I'll be sure to pull the yarn from both bolts at once, making sure the yarn matches.  I didn't do badly, but I'm just about 1 or 2 rows off in my stripe matching. 

I used a standard heel and toe design, and the all-over pattern was lots of fun.  I'm not sure what the pattern is or where I saw it, but it's so easy to memorize - 2 rows of knit, alternated with two rows of k2/ p2 -  That's it!  You can see here how snug the heel is, but they'll fit nicer on my smaller-footed daughter.  I'm not sure if she'll like me referring to her like that, but you get my meaning.

Happy Birthday, Alexis, my little 23 year old leprechaun....sigh, I can hardly believe it!

Alexis likes them, and has already commissioned a pair for herself.  I also think these would be great socks for men too, with a longer leg, of course.

Details:  About 1 1/2 inches of k2, p2 rib, then the pattern, with a stockinette sole.
             Yarn:  Regia
             Needles:  size 1 US

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavenly Smoothie

What could make me wake up with a smile?  Not that...naughty!  Thinking of a smoothie is what makes me smile.

No fresh strawberries?  No matter.  Frozen ones will do. Nice, big, fat frozen strawberries, and a generous squeeze of a Cara Cara orange, pulp and all.  I was thinking of bananas, but decided against them at the last minute.

Strawberries and OJ in the blender.

Yes, I know I'm bad.  Don't judge me.  About 2 Tablespoons, if measured.  If you think someone's watching, you can use plain yogurt.

1 Tablespoon sugar, if needed.  It depends on the strawberries, and how sweet they are.  I also added about 1/4 C water, which I would change to ice cubes, if the strawberries were fresh.

Buzz - buzz - buzz

Oh my!  Out of camera range, I was doing the Happy Dance.

Smoothie heaven.  Try it for breakfast.  It's such a nice change from cereal or toast

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring has sprung!

This pretty taffy-colored yarny goodness is aching to be strung across some needles.....but, what to make?

You'll see, you'll see.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


First off, my knitting is at a stand-still, until my index finger heals.  Opening dog food should not be hazardous to one's knitting ability....but you know how it is.  The smallest little cut, in just the right/wrong place, makes all the difference, but I digress.

In my past life, I was absolutely obsessed with crochet. 

This rather large 'doily' (do people even use that word today?) was hidden under my stash of bits and bobs of fabric, and it needed a wash and block, before I could use it. 

I know it's old fashioned.  I mean, who can't recall one of their grey-haired relatives with these little lacy objects d'art all over their couches and chairs?

I remember making this, but it's been many years, and the pattern is long lost.  I do believe the pattern came as a little hand-out propped up in a yardage shop, right alongside various balls of crochet thread.

Thanks to Nice 'n Easy, my hair isn't grey, but that doesn't mean this little bit of crochet should be hidden away.  It is definitely a 'blast from the past', but I still think it's pretty.

Monday, March 7, 2011

In Dreams - Clue 2

As of today, I'm nearly finished with Clue 2.  It's an interesting pattern, and I can see by the 'leafy' design what the designer is trying to impress....the crown which is intertwined leaves and branches. 

The yarn is a wee bit fuzzy, and this seems to slow down my bead application, as if it's not slow enough already.

I'm liking it, but I haven't fallen in love....yet!