Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavenly Smoothie

What could make me wake up with a smile?  Not that...naughty!  Thinking of a smoothie is what makes me smile.

No fresh strawberries?  No matter.  Frozen ones will do. Nice, big, fat frozen strawberries, and a generous squeeze of a Cara Cara orange, pulp and all.  I was thinking of bananas, but decided against them at the last minute.

Strawberries and OJ in the blender.

Yes, I know I'm bad.  Don't judge me.  About 2 Tablespoons, if measured.  If you think someone's watching, you can use plain yogurt.

1 Tablespoon sugar, if needed.  It depends on the strawberries, and how sweet they are.  I also added about 1/4 C water, which I would change to ice cubes, if the strawberries were fresh.

Buzz - buzz - buzz

Oh my!  Out of camera range, I was doing the Happy Dance.

Smoothie heaven.  Try it for breakfast.  It's such a nice change from cereal or toast

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