Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning!

Last night, I made coffee cake.  This was no ordinary coffee cake, the recipe promised, but 'the best coffee cake in the whole wide world', so I thought I'd give it a try.  The results:  Very good, very, very good, but is it the best?  It's very moist, which is sometimes a big miss when it comes to homemade coffee cake.  They tend to crumble, and are very dry, even right out of the oven.  This one is sweet, with a kind of creamy cake-like texture.  I like that a lot.  Another big plus, in my book, is that it has lots and lots of cinnamon crumble throughout.  Coffee in the morning might never be the same without this cake sitting in front of me.  That is a good coffee cake!

This little sweetie pie is almost ready, almost.  Two more days should do it.  I don't think road-side farmers need to worry about the competition, but it is so darn satisfying knowing that I've actually grown something this delicious looking.  I suppose I'll have to share with hubby.  After all, he likes tomatoes too.

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