Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

These eggs are not necessarily Easter Eggs, but they are definitely dyed eggs, and appropriate for display during these Holy days.

I'm not sure where the art of Pysanky originated, but I believe it is a Ukranian art, or at least, that's its home.

The process is complicated, and several years ago, I dove head first into the art of Pysanky.  They are dyed in a batik style.  Eggs are decorated with lines and designs with a tool called a kitska, then, they are dipped into dye, and more layers of wax, dye, repeat, until the colors and drawing are completed.  After this, the wax is melted off the egg using a candle flame.  The result is an egg with the design and colors of your choice. 

The designs can be as simple or complicated as you choose. 

I was getting a little better at operating the kitska, but when we moved, I had to dismantle my Pysanky station, and I haven't returned to it yet.  There are excellent videos on YouTube about this form of art, if you're interested in seeing more examples, and absolutely more professional artists.

Happy Easter everyone, and I hope your holiday is glorious.

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  1. Beautiful eggs! And you made them?
    Happy Easter