Monday, April 18, 2011

Murder is Announced!

Here's what happened:  I was about three-quarters the way through Agatha Christie's "Murder is Announced", and one of the suspects was telling Miss Marple what she'd been doing during the time of the murder.  Well....what do you know, she was in the process of turning the heel while knitting socks.  I thought it was funny, since that's exactly what I'd done before going to bed, ready to cuddle up with my Kindle and continue with Miss Marple's latest murder mystery.

Coincidences like this one, gave me the name of my newest sock pattern.  Perhaps it might seem a bit gruesome, but I love murder mysteries, and Agatha Christie always fits like a glove, or should I say, sock?


  1. I love your sock yarn! And Iwanted to buy something similar the day before yesterday, yesterday, today. Something red and shiny and uplifting (instead of blue all the time, of which I have skeins and balls in the attic). I need a new look. Blue feet all the time don't do me good, no wonder I feel blue. Unfortunately, the stores are closed by now. Therefore I have to wait until Saturday.