Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Origami

In response to Regula (thank you so much, for your comments), there are several books on the art of Origami on Amazon.  Tomoko Fuse has written a couple of my favorites, which show step by step instructions. 

All shapes and all sizes are fun to try, but I must admit, I prefer square boxes.  First of all, they're more sturdy.  Remember, these are made with thin paper, and I'm a purist who doesn't use scissors or glue...not one smidgen.  Don't let that stop you from using a bit of glue here and there, if you're having trouble at the beginning.  Patience is definitely a plus, if you're going to attempt these.  Some boxes take an average of more than 100 folds to complete. 

The lid of this box is only about 2 inches in diameter!  Isn't the paper gorgeous?  You can also find paper cut to size on the Internet...every color you can imagine, from plain colors to beautiful prints and florals.

Another thing to keep in mind is this:  The larger the box is, the more fragile it is, so bear that in mind.  Start small. 

The types of boxes and the color combinations are endless.  In Origami, the inside of the box is as important as the outside, so take your time, and practice neat and accurate folds.  Good Luck!


  1. Thank you so much for your answer. The only box I know - it is in the cook book we use in school - is very simple. However, with the perfect paper it looks nice.

    When we were children there was a painter in our neighbourhood who had all these nice sample books of wall papers, that went to the garbage. My sister and I made hundreds of boxes with these papers.

    I will have a lot of time the next weeks to practice.

  2. I haven't found the perfect origami book yet. I wanted to order it in a Swiss online bookstore. Firstly, the book you recommend (by Tomoko Fuse) is available only in English (that might be tricky), and secondly, it is only the Fabulous Origami Boxes. I've thought I'd better start with the easier one. Therefore I don't know which one to order. Maybe I have to order bei and pay the shipping.

  3. Such beautiful origami boxes - I love that little lid! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment.