Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frogging...oh yeah

In case you thought I'd given up knitting, entirely, here's proof that I was hard at work, trying desperately to make a little knit bag for my granddaughter.

The pattern I chose came from Knitting Little Luxuries, by Louisa Harding.  The book is great, but the yarn I chose was not so great.  The knit was becoming far too 'holey'...not like the picture in the book.

This is cotton yarn by Tahki.  The color is pretty, but I just found out, I'm not crazy about cotton yarn. 

About halfway through the knit bag, I made up my mind....this was NOT going to work out.  I just wanted a little draw-string bag, that's all.  This cotton yarn is stiff and does not suit the pattern.  Not only that, but the bag was becoming quite large, even though my gauge was spot on.  I'll still make the little draw-string bag, but use a softer yarn, and see what develops.

As for 3 hanks of Tahki?  I'll be looking for some kind of market bag to knit for myself, so all is not lost.

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