Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilt, part 2

Fabric shopping is addictive.  Did I buy more than I was shopping for?  You just know I did.

Since the quilt top I pieced was sewn using old scraps from other projects, there was no way to find anything to use for a backing that would match perfectly.  If I'd planned this quilt from the beginning, I'd have selected one of the pieces of the top to use for the backing.

I did find this adorable flannel with little Olivia prancing about, and since the top has some black and white pieces scattered throughout, I thought it might work well.  The green fabric above will be used for the binding.  This Olivia flannel is very black....the lighting was very bright.

One thing is clear; even though my husband has seen me make many quilts over the years, he has no knowledge about the differences between the terms, backing, binding, border, or basting.....imagine that!

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