Friday, December 3, 2010

Gwynedd Hat

This cute hat modeled by my cute daughter, Alexis, will be perfect for these chilly winter days and nights in California.  Of course, us Californians have a whole different view of what is chilly and what is not. 

The pattern, found in the fall installment of Knitscene, was a bit finicky, requiring needle changes, and many markers and such.  There was much ripping and cursing, prior to getting the hang of an actual pattern emerging.

The outcome is sweet, and my love of 'aubergine' was satisfied.  It's lacy and purly and according to Alexis, very comfortable.  A touch of whimsy was added by a little bow on the rim.

This design by Cecily Glowik Macdonald is knit using Happy Feet by Plymouth, and it worked out well, even though the magazine opted for using something more mohair-ish, such as Classic Elite Fresco.

The hat was described as being slightly 'slouchy', but I don't see that.  Perhaps my daughter's thick hair is filling up the slouch? 

No matter.  The color is fantastic (disregard the pink looking photo) and Alexis loves it.  What else matters?

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