Monday, November 1, 2010

UFO Sighting

This square was my first attempt at  making a Baltimore Album quilt.  The colors used in these type of quilts vary, but green and red seem to dominate most patterns.  Some quilts use green and red alone.  I didn't copy this pattern, but combined some of my favorite aspects of several really pretty quilts to create my own little design.

You can see the itsy bitsy stitches used in this 'fold and pin' technique.

Even the wee rosebud was given extra special care.  It's so cute.

I have 3 of these completed 14-inch squares.

The flip side of each square must be trimmed of excess fabric, otherwise quilting would be nearly impossible.  Just look at the layers, and this is prior to adding batting and a backing.  Yikes!

Trim, trim, trim.

Oh oh, where's the center?

The center of the 4th hibernating square needs love and attention. 

I began this project about 12 years ago ( yes, I am very naughty).  The colors and the flowers are very nice, but my enthusiasm has waned for this bold color and very bold style of quilt. Now, I'm thinking a nice little coverlet folded at the end of the bed, is the smart way to go.  After adding a generous border, it'll look sweet.  Any thoughts? 

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