Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Movie Madness

Don't tell me!  That's my usual opening line to anyone who has almost anything to say regarding Harry Potter, for at least a couple of weeks.

Yes, I am a Harry Potter lunatic.  Perhaps that's not entirely true, after all, I am a movie lunatic, in general.  That's to say, I can't abide being told anything about a movie before I've seen it myself.  It's a horrible flaw in my personality, I know, and I probably should lock myself in a closet or join a self-help group, or something.

It's always difficult trying to keep the mystery alive, especially when changing the television channel and being zapped in the face with scenes from the movie when I least expect it.  You don't know what I go through!  I purposely do not watch any trailers or interviews with stars or directors, and if some news network starts interviewing people as they leave the theater, I switch channels immediately, and if that's not possible, I run screaming from the room with my fingers in my ears.  It's not pretty.

I am a mystery fan.  Even when the mystery isn't all that mysterious.  I mean, the book has been out for quite a time, and I've read it the prerequisite 3 times already, right?  I should know what the movie is about.  I do, I do, but we all know the movie is always a bit different.  Ahhhh, that's where the mystery lies....where are the differences, can I spot them, and of those differences, which ones do I think were done well and which ones missed the mark?

It's hard being me. 

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