Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Castlegar Cardigan Final

Designer, Laura Chau, came up with a fingering weight gauge cardigan that really piqued my interest. 

   Yarn:  Knitpicks Stroll
   231 yards per skein
   Color:  Burgundy
   Needles:  Size 3 US circular needles and size 2 dpns

This cute little cardi took considerable time, but I'm not a very speedy knitter, and I do believe I could have made it a little shorter, probably 2-3 inches.  I always forget I'm not 5'5"....crap.

Do you notice the puckering?  Yeah, me too.  I could have made a size smaller, but there's nothing more uncomfortable than a tight sweater.  Well, I guess having to go to the bathroom while standing in line for tickets at the movies is a bit more uncomfortable, but I digress.

Ignore the fold line down the back of the cardi.  It was waiting patiently for a photographer.  Thanks, Alexis.

This was truly a breeze to knit, and I highly recommend the pattern.  Just make sure you have enough yarn.  The neck area could have been about an inch higher, if I hadn't been living on the edge, with less than half a skein of yarn and no button bands. 

See what I mean about the buttons?  They do seem to be a bit heavy, but I love them with this pattern, so I think I'll leave them as is.  I will definitely take that into consideration when I make another lightweight sweater again.  By the way, those are freckles, not age spots!  Don't judge me.

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