Friday, October 1, 2010

A story and some progress

What a crazy week! 

First, our computer crashed.  Bummer.  It was down for 2 whole days, and I have no other computer resource, so those 2 days seemed like 2 long weeks.

 The following day, I had an overflow of sticky, sugary batter in my oven.  When the cake directions say to use a certain size pan, I suppose they mean it.  My pan was too small....way too small.  I wasn't too worried, because I have a  BRAND NEW oven,  and it has a 'self-clean'  feature.  Ever since we moved, I've been using a, what shall I say.... economical oven... yes,  that's what you call an oven that doesn't have any bells or whistles.  Understand, I love to cook, and spending time using  Easy-Off  on crusty, greasy bits is not a good way to spend an afternoon.  After a lengthy discussion on the benefits of my cooking versus going out to eat every night, my husband agreed.  Back to the story.  The spill was truly nasty.  After removing the disgusting cake pan  from the oven, I was eager to try this miracle of technology - an oven that cleans itself!  Did I wipe up the spill first?  Of course not.  Did I read the directions first?  No way!  I just pushed the cleaning pad, and heard the oven door lock.  Did I mention it was 10 o'clock at night?  Smoke began billowing out of the oven vent faster and thicker than one could imagine.  All four smoke alarms were blaring while Ruby began barking and running around the house like it was on fire...ahem, yeah, weird.   I began opening all the windows, yelling at my husband (who was soundly sleeping at the time) to help me.  Long story short -  the smoke cleared, but the smell lingered on.  We've spent several days cleaning drapes, washing every fabric that was possible, and yesterday, we finally shampooed the carpet. 

Today, it seems we won't have to call professionals, after all.  The smell is about 95% gone.  We are somewhat back to normal, and I can get back to really important matters, like knitting.

The Castelgar cardigan is winding down, finally.  I'm nearly finished with the collar portion, then come the button bands.

My biggest problem is YARN.  Do I have enough?  I'm on the last skein, and it's going fast.  When I bought the yarn, I thought I would make the sleeves quarter length, but I changed my mind when I began the project.  Can I say "Houston, we have a problem"?

The directions say to graft the underarm section, after the cardigan is completed.  I suppose this means using a Kitchner stitch?  That's the only graft stitch I know.  Maybe an online search is in order.

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