Monday, May 23, 2011

Re-thinking Nice Edges

The above photo is of two different sections of a long strip of knitting.  The directions were to knit every row of 12 stitches across, until you had a 49 inch long piece.

Notice the one on the left?  I followed the directions to the letter, knitting every row.  Notice the one on the right?  I slipped the 1st stitch, then knit across on every row.  I like the look and smooth edge of the right photo the best, but you be the judge.

This is a closeup of the knit 12 stitches across edge.

This is a closeup of the slipped 1st stitch, and knit the remainder of the row.  As far as I'm concerned, if you're looking for a smooth edge, and I am, since this will be the bottom of the sweater band, slipping the 1st stitch is the way to go.

There are probably a lot of knitters out there, more experienced than I am, who know this already, and I'm really showing my ignorance,  Oh well, I'm self taught, and I learn everything the hard way. 

When the sweater is complete, the bottom band will be bumpy and smooth.  I didn't pick up on this little clue, until about halfway through.

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