Friday, May 13, 2011

Murder is Announced....socks complete

The first, in my Agatha Christie sock pattern series is complete, and I love them....they're mysterious, albeit a bit complicated.

The ridges are well defined, but of course, with yarn that is variegated, it's more difficult to tell.

The sock is a good fit, nice and snug at the ankle, but not too tight around the toe.

I can always tell when socks don't fit quite right.  There tends to be some looseness around the instep, or the heel of the sock wraps under the heel of the foot.  These fit my daughter, Alexis, just right.

Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill
Type:  Supersock Select Semi-Solids
Color:  Dusty Rose
Needle size:  US size 1 dpns

The fit is very nice, and the pattern is pretty, however, I think I could have achieved the same results with a k3, p2 pattern for the body of the sock.

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  1. I've just finished my sixth elephant. Now it's the time to start a new project ... why not socks? Yours look beautiful.