Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Shorties, final!

These are the little sockies I began a while ago.  They were pretty speedy, but grabbing my daughter for a 'photo op' isn't the easiest thing to do.

The yarn is one of my favorite sock yarns in the business, Dream In Color Smooshy.  It's a delight to knit.  The best reason for using Smooshy is IMHO, the color distribution.  There is no pooling of any kind.  I've knit various patterns with this luscious wool, and the color is constant and lively, no matter which one you might choose.  This color is COOL FIRE.

I used size 1 US dpn needles, and knit a fairly standard sock, but with a short leg and an even shorter cuff.  I had less than 75 grams of wool, so I was doing my best to use it sparingly. 

One disappointment was the toe.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, probably distracted by something on television, but it didn't work out exactly as it should have.  I'll be trying something different for my next pair.

They are cute little socks, and Alexis has assured me, they'll go great with her little white tennies.

Pink Lemon Twist inspired me to join the In Dreams Mystery KAL.  This will prove to be a challenge for me, as I've never knitted using beads before.  The pattern preview has asked for 5000 beads.  Yikes!  I did see the swatch, and it's quite lovely.  The first clue will be arriving on Friday, but I might not have my supplies by then, so we'll see.  Anyone interested can visit the website  When I receive my yarn and beads, I'll give you a peek.

Several things on the needles are in various stages of completion, so I'll keep you posted.

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