Friday, February 11, 2011


The color of this shawl against my alphabet blocks looks putrid, but never fear, the color is really lovely, and I'll display this shawl when it's dry, sharing the details of the pattern, as well.

Notice anything?  After soaking this project, I began to lay it out, and noticed a stockinette row unraveling...yes, UNRAVELING!

I believe I'd dropped a stitch along the way, since I recall my count was 'off.  I used a crochet hook to repair the mistake, and I'll (hopefully) hide the ends when it's finished blocking. 

This weekend, I hope to begin my In Dreams challenge.  I don't know how far I'll get, but I've got my fingers crossed concerning the pattern.  I've read it and re-read it, and I still find it complicated, sigh.

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  1. WHEW! That was a close one! Beautiful shawl.