Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UFO Sighting (UnFinished Object)

While going through one of my storage boxes, I came across this forgotten set of napkins.  There they were, being crushed between other stored fabrics and odd cut-out pieces of felt, linings, paper patterns, and old tablecloths.  I do remember putting these napkins together when my youngest daughter was little.

You can see, in this picture, I'm nearly finished.  All this little napkin needs is finishing up the handsewn border.  Why did I put them away?  There's only about 15 to 20 minutes more sewing to go.

I remember, at the time, my goal was to make these entirely by hand, including the appliqued flower and leaves, and even the blind stitched hem.

It seems silly, and I offer no explanation as to why these cute little unfinished napkins were languishing in the bottom of a storage box.  Thankfully, there was matching embroidery floss placed between the napkins.  It's time to set things right.

There is knitting going on, but alas, I'm not a very speedy knitter.  I'll post results soon.

Sorry for the improper lighting during this photo shoot.  I think I forgot the flash.

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