Monday, July 12, 2010

Needle and Thread

So, I dusted off my old sewing machine, and finally began putting together the lining for my project bag.  You remember that blue crochet bag from several weeks ago, right?  I won't mention how long it's been since I've used my machine, except to say, I had to re-train my brain on how to thread her.

After measuring and seaming, came the ironing.  Even though it's just a lining, I wanted to do things right. 

I had forgotten how pretty the fabric is.  With little honeybees flying around the little yellow blossoms and sweet strawberries.  How cute is that?

Just before sewing the lining to the inside of the crochet bag, I decided - at the last possible moment - to add a wee pocket.  This might come in handy for stitch markers, a cable needle or some other small necessity.  Truth be told, I should have added the pocket before seaming, but how unlike me to be traditional!

This close-up shows the smallest hand stitches used to attach the lining all around the top of the bag.  No other attachment was used.

The fabric is somewhat roomy, bunching up a little around the bottom.  That's OK with me, since the outside of the bag is sure to be stretched , and I didn't want the inside to be tight at all.

The addition of a lining really helped stableize and give the bag needed structure.  It's not quite so floppy now, and will be perfect for small projects, such as socks or scarves.  Now, all I have to do is add the handles.  I'll be sure to post the final results soon.

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