Sunday, August 21, 2011

Color Exercises in Progress...

Continuing my color and drawing exercises, I used various degrees of the color blue, and added a spot of green for added interest.

Here, I've used transparent paper. copying my design.  I marked the page with a grid.

I used the grid to transfer a small portion of my picture, and enlarge it on another page of my sketchbook.

In the next lesson, I began mono-printing.  This is my first experience with this form of art, and I'm afraid it shows.  Nevertheless, I will display my dismal results, and suffer the consequences.



Hard to believe, I've never done this before, right?

Now, that's sad...

There were a couple I was able to rescue with a little water color.  I'm not quite finished with this one.

After outlining the flowers with a bit of water soluble crayon, I applied a water color wash to the background.  Not bad, but it needs something.

Believe me, these are only a few of my mono-printing tries.  I have a stack of about 50 more on my table, but they are just more of the same.  I haven't given up, and I know I can do better.

Monday:  Knitting News!

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  1. Learning by doing. The path is the goal.

    Have fun.