Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tweet, Tweet....huh?

Friday afternoon, while immersed in finishing my mossy green bolero, my attention was outside the window.  I kept noticing some sort of movement within the niche below my awning.  Dismissing this interruption, I continued binding off stitches, and sewing in ends, but I couldn't ignore the little fluttery action going on outside, up high, out of reach.

After about an hour, I couldn't stand it another minute, since I was positive there was nest building, or little birdies peeping, and all I could think of was getting a picture of 'nature' happening right now, right outside!

I wrestled with the ladder, and cautiously climbed step by step.  Damn, I wasn't close enough, and the above picture was all I could see.  Fluttering, and tweety noises were emanating from the little bunch of twigs close by.  I'd have to climb higher still. 

PS:  I don't like ladders, or climbing, or heights, but nature called, so to speak.

There, under that giant leaf, something was happening, something moving...I could hear it.  Quiet as a mouse, I inched a little closer...

I moved the larger leaf, and there was nothing!.  Nothing, but a bunch of twigs, leaves, and grass, flitting and fluttering with the breeze. 

I cursed myself for allowing my imagination to play tricks on me, but while climbing down the ladder, camera in hand, I was smiling, happy to realize my sense of curiosity is well intact, and that felt very good, indeed.

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