Monday, January 10, 2011

Apple Strudel...yum

Being a little under the weather over the last four days or so hasn't completely slowed me down. 

I had some frozen puff pastry and a few Granny Smith's in the crisper, and Apple Strudel was on my mind.  I never seem to be sick enough not to eat.  In fact, being sick and staying home in my jammies is the perfect opportunity for non-stop munching.

There was no searching recipe books or the Internet, I just rolled out the sheet of pastry, after it had thawed out in the fridge...

and grabbed a couple of apples.  Aren't these huge?  I only needed two!

Some sugar, cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon and a couple of tablespoons of flour;  the aroma of cinnamon is heavenly, don't you think?

PLOP!  Right onto the pastry sheet, and dotted with butter, of course.

Why do I always forget to show a step?  I forgot the part where I covered the apples, and brushed the pastry with an egg wash, then sprinkled some granulated sugar all over the top.   Then, a couple of slits with a knife for the steam to escape.

It looks good enough to eat.  In fact, I'm having some right now.  Whether it's served warm, as in the first picture, or cold, the day after, it is a scrumptious treat. 

Apple Strudel is right up there with Chicken Soup, for making me feel so much better.  Try it.

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