Friday, September 3, 2010

Holey Sleeve, Batman!

My first cardigan sleeve is getting closer to completion, at least to the underarm section, where it joins the rest of the cardi and I begin working the yoke.

Notice anything?  I began the increases every 7 rows, and lo and behold, there are holes, everywhere!  I wasn't paying close enough attention to the directions, as written.

Here's the portion of the sleeve where my brain kicked in, and I can hardly notice the increases. 

This can happen when I put down a project for a time, and pick it up again, re-reading the directions.  I suppose I could rip out the mistake, and re-knit, but I think I'll leave in the holes.

This will be a little reminder that if my knitting doesn't look right, it probably isn't, and watching Top Chef is not a good excuse for sloppy knitting.....sigh.

PS:  The top photo is a clearer representation of the Knitpicks yarn color, Burgundy.

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