Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ball Winding.....gone wild!

Being a long-time-knitter, I've wound hundreds of balls of yarn over the years, but yesterday was a first!

I've been working with wonderful Malabrigo fingering weight yarn (which I love), and the time came to grab a new hank of yarn, wind it, and join it to my ongoing big deal, right? 

After winding about one third into a ball, I came to the end of the yarn...what?  Ok, I can deal with that.  I added the new end to the ball, and continued to wind.....about 6 yards, and another end.....hmmm.  Alrighty, then.  I added this new end to the ball and what do you think happened?  You're right.  For the remainder of that darn hank of yarn, every 6-10 yards, another end of yarn slipped through my fingers.  What's up with that?

In another life, I'd have chucked the whole hank, and chalked it up to some weird yarn-fluke-thing, but I'm almost finished with that lovely pullover, and this was my last hank of yarn. 

The picture immediately above is an example of what I was dealing with.  You know what this means, don't you?  It means, I'm going to have about 15 joins in this sweater, instead of 3.  Crap!

I have used Malabrigo yarn for quite a while, and it's always been a joy to handle.  Has this ever happened to you? 

I know what you're thinking.  Maybe I cut the yarn accidentally.  No, I only snipped once, and the yarn hank was tied with a different color of other yarn. 

Not wanting to end on such a sour note, I did win a $25 coupon from Eat, Sleep, Knit!

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  1. It happens. However, I don't mind weaving in ends.

    Congratulations on your coupon. Is it just so, or do you have to buy for a minimum of 50 whatever? This is what happens to me all the times and makes me furious. Grrrr.