Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Moving Finger

Even though the sun wasn't cooperating, I just had to post my final pictures of "The Moving Finger".  These are the second in my Agatha Christie sock collection. 

We all know how the legendary Agatha Christie's Miss Marple loves knitting, and the needles make regular appearances in her novels.  Miss Marple knits as she surveys suspicious suspects, and with her fingers flying, she's able to hone in on the culprit, eventually.

This photo is probably the best representation of color, as the clouds above wouldn't allow the sock color to shine, but the fit, as you can see, is spot on.  The comfort can be attributed to one of my favorite sock yarns, Malabrigo Sock.  The color is Primavera, and isn't it lovely?  It just screams "AUTUMN"!

The Moving Finger took me a little longer than expected, but it wasn't the pattern that delayed the final showing....it was my Kindle.  I found myself plunged into a rabbit hole, and I didn't want to find my way out.

I'll try to devote an equal amount to knitting as I do to reading, and maybe I can complete my projects in a more timely manner.....the best laid plans?

ps:  That final phrase is from Robert Burns..."The best laid schemes o' mice and men, gang aft agley"
       The title of the poem?  "To A Mouse"

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  1. Nice socks. As autum is comming I could knit a pair ... However, I'm still hooked with crochet. :-) There is no time for reading. And I opened a new blog for everything in and around the house because my husband can't believe (and does not appreciate) that there is so much to say about "nothing". Me on the other hand, I think nothing is everything.
    And as you say about Miss Marple, we find the best solutions while we keep our hands busy and let the mind wander.